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Thanks for clicking! Over the years I have met many kind and amazing fans wanting to help me out and not all of them know how to do that. So for anyone interested in supporting my efforts and helping to make the videos better and better, I have numerous options.

Patreon – Monthly Micro-Donation
The video producer’s funding of choice. Lowered ad revenue shares has made this a necessary evil, but it’s also the best way to keep us afloat. Click the button to see the campaign milestones and the rewards for the various tiers of donations.

Amazon Wishlist
The list of anything on Amazon that caught my eye. This is mostly a guideline, much of it can be had elsewhere for less, but usually the toys and DVDs I’m after are there. I can’t promise anything bought off of the list will get reviewed, but I will try.

RedBubble T-Shirt Shop
Like the logo shirts? For anyone who wants them I have most designs as well as some random ones up on RedBubble.

eBay Sales Page
I usually have something for sale up on eBay, so not only does this put a bit of cash into my efforts, you get a toy and I get some much needed extra space around here.